Thursday, January 23, 2020

Blue Man Group (Live Shows): Editor’s Choice

Summary: Blue Man Group is an American performance art company formed in 1987, known worldwide for its various stage productions which typically incorporate many different categories of music and art, both popular and obscure, in their performances.

Founders: Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman

Genre: Rock

Albums: The Complex, Audio, How to Be a Megastar Live!



We are not sure anyone really has the words to accurately describe a Blue Man Group show. There’s probably no need for it now, because at this point, most people have probably seen some form of a Blue Man Group performance, whether at a theater or on television commercials. But can you imagine being one of the first people to try to describe to one of your friends why you found Blue Man so entertaining? “Oh yeah, it’s these three guys, and they’re all painted blue. They bang on PVC pipes and play drums with paint on them… and throw marshmallows into each other’s mouths… and blow toilet paper into the crowd with a fan… and,” [as an increasingly confused look falls onto their face] “…uhhh…just trust me it was fun.”


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