Friday, January 17, 2020

Marketing Your Project is Everything

Marketing is such a huge element of his job that Mansfield refers to Monterey Media as a marketing company that is also an independent film distributor. “It’s not about getting the film on Amazon Instant Video,” he says. “It’s about getting people to watch the film on Amazon Instant Video.”

For Candelaria and Gravitas, that marketing process begins as soon as the film is acquired. First they decide on a release date, and then, together with the filmmakers, work backward from that date, creating assets (the poster, the trailer) and determining how they can be best used to promote the film.

“That’s a strategic conversation we have with the filmmakers and the production teams all along the way. Everybody’s comfortable with how it works,” says Candelaria. “That process can be six months. It can be four weeks, depending on when the acquisition occurs.”

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