Friday, February 7, 2020

Amazon Prime Video’s Most-watched Shows

When Netflix issued a year-end tally of its most popular titles, it did so very loudly and generated a bunch of media coverage. Amazon also put out a list ranking its most-streamed Prime Original series … and as far as I can tell, nobody in the media really noticed.

Per Amazon, awards-season fave The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was the platform’s most-watched original, beating out action-adventure series The Boys and that other awards magnet, Fleabag. The rest of the top ten, not in any particular order: Bosch, Good Omens, Hanna, Goliath, Tom Clancy’s Jack RyanCarnival Row, and the anthology series Modern Love.

Amazon doesn’t cite any specific data or exactly how it measures popularity, nor does it allow its claims to be verified by independent third parties, so these aren’t anything at all like Nielsen ratings. But it’s at least interesting that Amazon is willing to admit to the world that the very heavily advertised and very costly Jack Ryan series was at least somewhat less popular than … Bosch. Or the now-canceled Goliath.

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