Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Europe Challenges for Global Digital Dominance

The EU recently unveiled a landmark digital strategy that it hopes will establish Europe as a global tech leader over the next decade and beyond.

In the strategy, Europe outlined plans for boosting its “fair and competitive” economy, developing technology that’s beneficial to European citizens and underpinning an open, democratic society. Central to the plan is establishing a single European data market and shaping the bloc’s leadership in the field of artificial intellligence.

The strategy doesn’t equal new legislation or rules, but rather is designed to be a framework around which the EU will shape the development of legislation in the coming years. 

Under future rules, it’s hoped that European digital companies will be able to thrive within the bloc, as well as on the global stage, ushering in a new era of self-reliance. Meanwhile companies from outside of Europe will continue to be welcomed in, providing they play by the EU’s rules.

The EU’s new digital strategy plans to lead in AI, boost data-driven companies and establish its sovereignty in a brave new digital world.

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