Sunday, February 9, 2020

Profile: David Dobrik (Creator)

A 23-year-old YouTuber by the name of David Dobrik was recently named Generation Z’s favorite social media personality in a survey from financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

If you’re not a teen, it’s possible you’ve never heard of the star. He’s a celebrity that’s risen to fame thanks to social media: He got launched into the spotlight on the video-sharing app Vine, and has since turned to YouTube, where he has more than 15 million subscribers.

Now, Dobrik has turned his empire into a net worth estimated at $7 million. His elaborate stunts and vlogs have earned him movie roles, a gig hosting the Teen Choice Awards, and a loyal fanbase.

Dobrik and his Vlog Squad are known for the wild pranks they play on each other, and general mayhem wherever they go. In 2019, Dobrik married the mother of Vlog Squad member Jason Nash to successfully pull off a long-standing joke of becoming Nash’s stepdad. The marriage lasted a full month before they divorced.

When Vine shut down in late 2016, Dobrik switched over full-time to YouTube, where he has two channels: David Dobrik, home to vlogs, and David Dobrik Too, where he puts his content featuring members of his Vlog Squad. Between the two channels, Dobrik has over 20 million subscribers.

To kick off 2020, Dobrik released a photo-taking and editing app called David’s Disposable. The app is inspired by Dobrik’s secondary Instagram account, where he posts photos he takes with his disposable camera, which thusly have that retro, 90s feel.

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