Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Journey to Great Logo Design

We can spend an entire blog talking about what makes a great logo. However, we think most logo design stories tend to focus more on the end result and less on the process. Often, getting to a worthy final logo takes many steps along a winding journey filled with trial, error, experimentation, collaboration and strategy. So today we’d like to talk about how to develop great logos (and great design for that matter) by focusing on the journey.

It takes a village

At Tipstor®, we believe the best work is the result of friendly and thoughtful collaboration between agency and client. All stakeholders need to be on-board with not just a logo design, but a total (re)branding. Understanding this core mission is the first step in developing a new brand— and not something we can accomplish without the initial meetings and interviews that help better delineate client’s needs.

What’s in a name?

We would beg to differ with Shakespeare’s Juliet that a rose by any other name would still be a rose. In our marketing world, names are everything. Company names help convey what that company is about, including its purpose and values. Developing a moniker is an intensive and delicate process. Throw in the factor of domain availability and the task is seemingly impossible. To develop a successful name, take a methodological approach:

  1. Develop keyword lists and modifiers that help describe the product, company or organization.
  2. Consult tools like a visual thesaurus to find variants that might also apply.
  3. Narrow down our potential names to a manageable list of possibilities.
  4. Discuss the merits of each name and choose the top few contenders to develop visual representations.

When everyone agrees, you know it’s good

Achieving consensus with a large group is pretty rare. Get the buy-in by everyone. The reason for the consensus? The logo, name and overarching brand needs to speak to several key attributes that perfectly conveyed the vision. Always strive to provide excellent marketing services to the clients who trust you with their brands.

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