Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Berlin Market Pushes for Environmental Sustainability

Alongside efforts to cut its carbon footprint, Berlin’s market and film festival are focusing on improving the mental well-being of people working in the industry.

EFM took several concrete steps this year to reduce its carbon footprint, from increasing the use of sustainable and reusable materials for market stands and marketing materials to banning single-use plastic cups from its locations and encouraging visitors to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup).

While the CO2 impact of travel — particularly air travel for international visitors to Berlin — is hard to avoid, the EFM says it is “actively encouraging” visitors who can to use lower-impact alternatives, such as train travel, and is working on a rewards system to help them do so. From 2021 on, EFM also hopes to have developed a greener alternative to its current shuttle system, which transports visitors between the market, screening rooms and the main Berlinale hotels.

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