Thursday, March 5, 2020

Ecology Styles Grace Paris Fashion Week

Models wearing animal outfits joined the finale of Stella McCartney’s fur-free and leather-free show Monday, as the British-American designer continued to shine a light on the environment and animal cruelty in the industry.

The show, which explored a chic cross-over silhouette in soft and huggable fabrics, was runway proof that ethically produced clothes can still have a strong luxury feel. Long flappy belts and strips of fabric provided the vibrancy in Stella McCartney’s fall collection that was otherwise missing amid the rather muted color palette of “terrestrial tones.”


Gold and silver animal jewelry in McCartney’s show added a playful touch, that crescendoed in the finale as 11 models walked the runway in full-on animal costumes, provoking laughs from tickled guests. Behind the fun, lay a serious message.

None of these animals — cow, rabbit, bison, fox, crocodile — had been killed to produce the collection.

“We are proudly the only luxury fashion house in the world not putting real leather on our runway,” McCartney said. “And welcome our friends in fashion to join us.”

“There has never been a time when we have had more hope in ending fashion’s use of fur and leather,” she added.

Her team, which of late sends out factsheets to editors on the eco-fight, said this collection showcased even more animal-free vegan leather than in the past.

It had expanded, it said, “the cruelty- and PVC-free material beyond accessories — including decorative perforated vegan leather and shaggy pile animal-free shearling.”

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