Tuesday, March 24, 2020

For Life (TV Show, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: Inmate Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) passes the bar exam to become a lawyer and represents other prisoners as he seeks to overturn his own conviction in this legal drama created by Hank Steinberg and inspired by executive producer Isaac Wright Jr.’s life.

Show: For Life

Network: ABC

Program creator: Hank Steinberg

Genre(s): Thriller, Crime film, Legal drama



For Life joins a growing number of series devoted to exploring wrongful conviction and the ordeal that convicts must go through to have their cases retried and verdicts overturned. But it stands out in two ways. First, unlike nonfiction series like Free Meek and Confession Tapes, For Life has the look and feel of an ABC courtroom drama. Second, it’s based on the life of a real-life person, Isaac Wright Jr., a man whose story is so incredible Disney+ should consider making a companion documentary or podcast. … After two episodes of For Life, we are in.


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