Friday, March 13, 2020

John Legend Pledges Food Support For His Hometown (PSA)

Legend and TAC – The Abilities Connection are coming together to help the City of Springfield’s residents. The recent closing of a local grocery store has caused – what can be termed – a food desert.

In the just released video by Legend, he discussed a partnership between TAC, a non-profit organization located in Springfield, Ohio, and the City of Springfield. By providing free shuttle service, TAC will help residents gain access to food and groceries following the closure of the South Limestone Kroger store.

“The Abilities Connection is a strong community partner that’s committed to making our city an even better place to live, work and play,” said City Manager Bryan Heck. “We couldn’t be happier that they have stepped forward to provide this essential service to our community. TAC’s partnership in this effort is a testament to the amazing things we accomplish in this community by working together.”

TAC has a fleet of transportation vehicles that are used to transport individuals with disabilities throughout the week. “TAC is honored to partner with the city to serve our community in a time of need,” said Jim Zahora, CEO of TAC. “We value our social responsibility as good cooperate citizens and strongly believe in community stewardship. This is home for us and we all must work together.”

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