Saturday, March 14, 2020

THOR #1 (Comic, Review): Tipstor® Pick

A brand-new, superstar creative team takes the King of Asgard to new realms of glory. THOR #1 MARVEL COMICS (W) Donny Cates (A) Nic Klein (CA) Olivier Coipel.

  • Writer: Donny Cates
  • Artist: Nic Klein
  • Concept Artist: Olivier Coipel
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

Summary: The prince is now a king. All Asgard lies before Thor, the God of Thunder. And after many months of war, the Ten Realms are finally at peace. But the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. The Black Winter is coming. And the God of the Storm will be powerless before it. 



Off to a tremendous start, the series offers temptations not only of exploring planets previously unknown but also examinations of the most relatable and compelling parts of Thor. Jason Aaron left some huge shoes to fill when he concluded his 7+ years on the title, but Cates and Klein aptly continue that tale in this issue while still managing to flip the story on its head and give the reader a wholly new take on the God of Thunder by its end. Klein proves to be an expert conveying mood with his pencils, while Cates clear affinity for Thor shines through wonderfully.


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