Monday, April 13, 2020

Bootstrapping: Think About Becoming A YouTuber

Thing about starting a successful career on YouTube.

To start your YouTube career you will need equipment that compliments the kind of content channel you’re promoting. For example a gaming channel you’ll need a gaming pc/console, microphone, editing software, camera, lighting and tripod to set up your camera. For vlogging you’ll need a vlogging camera, tripod, microphone muffler, spare batteries and if you want some great shots invest in a drone.

You’ll need help from family members, friends, a strong supporter network and mentors. The mentors will be your biggest help.

Your goal is to earn extra income bootstrapping as a successful YouTuber and public entertainer. Yes, the world doesn’t need another YouTuber but if you have a burning passion for becoming a YouTuber and can provide a consistent stream of videos almost every day…then go for it!

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