Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hawkman #7 (Comic, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Discover the origin of Hawkman and the dark secrets behind his true purpose!

  • Author: Robert Venditti
  • Artist: Bryan Hitch
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Genres: Comics, Comic book, Fiction, Graphic novel

Sumary: The origin of Hawkman revealed! Rocketing across the cosmos in his newly re-covered spaceship, Carter Hall is en route to the next stop on his adventure through time and space. He doesn’t have Netflix to pass the time, but he does have something even better. Locked within the ship’s memory banks is the truth behind Carter Hall’s reincarnation ability, as well as his connection to the Deathbringers-giant, winged beings of immeasurable power on their way to destroy Earth!

Comic: Hawkman #7

Tipstor® Pick


This issue takes a detour from modern day Hawkman’s quest, but it gives an origin story that helps unify all previous versions of Hawkman into one cohesive historical timeline. We are introduced to K’Tar, the first Hawkman and we get to see how it all began. We get to learn why he is reincarnated and now we also know at some point, he won’t be reborn. This is a significant amount of information given to us in a single issue and Venditti seems to handle it with ease. Venditti has given new readers a great hopping on point but at the same time given something old readers will love.


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