Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hulu: Which Shows Are Canceled? Which are Renewed?

Find out which of your favorite shows will live on and which you have to say goodbye to below.

The Bisexual: Pending
Castle Rock: Pending
DollfaceRenewed for Season 2
Future Man: Renewed for third and final season
The Handmaid’s TaleRenewed for Season 4HarlotsPending
Holly HobbieRenewed for Season 2
I Love You, AmericaCanceled after two seasons
Light as a FeatherPending
Marvel’s RunawaysCanceled after three seasons
Pen15: Renewed for Season 2
Ramy: Renewed for Season 2
Reprisal: Pending
Shrill: Renewed for Season 2
Veronica Mars: Canceled
Wu-Tang: An American SagaRenewed for Season 2

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