Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Good Fight (TV Show, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: The series picks up one year after the events in the final episode of “The Good Wife.” After a financial scam destroys the reputation of young lawyer Maia Rindell and wipes out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart’s savings, the two are forced out of Lockhart & Lee and join forces with Lucca Quinn at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms. At Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad, Diane finds familiar faces, including Colin Morrello, who is a rising star in the state’s attorney’s office, and Marissa Gold. Though starting at the bottom, Diane and Maia are determined to rebuild their careers and lives at the new firm.

Show: The Good Fight

Network(s): CBS All Access, CBS

Genre(s): Drama



Hilariously and thought-provokingly, “The Good Fight” is a spin-off that’s better than the original, and, four seasons in, as it settles into its own rhythm, it only continues to get better. In its triumphant fourth season, The Good Fight remains one of the best, and most insane, shows on television. 


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