Thursday, April 23, 2020

To Kill A Mockingbird (Play, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: To Kill a Mockingbird is a 2018 play based on the 1960 novel of the same name by Harper Lee, adapted for stage by Aaron Sorkin. It opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre on December 13, 2018. The play is set to transfer to London’s West End at the Gielgud Theatre in 2021. 

Play: To Kill A Mockingbird

Playwright: Aaron Sorkin

Genre: Drama

Tipstor® Pick


The set-up is a Sorkin masterstroke, perfectly executed by director Bartlett Sher, a dreamy gambit that justifies every liberty this simultaneously revisionist and faithful Mockingbird will take over the next two hours-plus. To Kill a Mockingbird leaves no question about who the angels are in Maycomb County and who are not, although Atticus even has it in his empathy-drenched heart to offer up a word or two of compassion for a horror like Bob Ewell. The thing is, when these words are uttered by Jeff Daniels, you’re inclined to a conviction that kindness in the world is still possible.


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