Friday, May 29, 2020

Genius Fashion Hacks That Get You Red-Carpet Ready

Our absolute favorite thing to do when we want to be red carpet ready is smile. Let’s face it, when you know you look good, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

Celeb stylist Erica Cloud spoke to Glamour about some of the hottest trends: “It’s a great thing to put on the ball of your foot or even your heel or the tops of your toes, [as a] kind of numbing agent. I usually do it about five minutes before we put the shoes on—not too early, so that it has the most lasting effect.” Laura Harrier used the trick at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Another tip that isn’t just for the red carpet is if you don’t want a bunch of photographers capturing deodorant white streaks. Stylist and creative director Avigail Collins dished to Who What Wear about the wonders a deodorant-removing sponge can do to eliminate those super-annoying marks (also, LMK why I only notice these halfway through the day?!).

Take Pictures of Prospective Outfits

When it comes to finding that perfect outfit for an event you should try things on and take a picture of yourself in it. We have to admit that we got that tip from the 90’s cult classic movie Clueless. Yes, mirrors don’t always tell the truth but a camera will. Taking pictures of your outfits will help you to see if certain colors really do match or if any of my nooks and crannies are bulging out where they shouldn’t be. Once you find the right look it’s as if that photo screams it out to you saying, “Wear me.

Walk Around In Shoes A Day Before

If you know you have an event coming up, try to wear the shoes a day before to help stretch them out and get familiar with them. This helps you determine how long you can wear the shoes. Whether it’s 2 or 3 hours before they start to hurt your feet. Also, make sure you have a pair of flats that are able to fit in your bag in case your feet hurt

There is waaay more that goes into getting red-carpet ready than you might think, and celebrity stylists know better than anyone because they’re behind the scenes. Surprising style tips and tricks that solve a range of solutions include using hairspray as static guard or sandpapering the bottom of shoes to prevent falls—and that’s just scratching the surface. Here, 18 more red-carpet fashion hacks from the experts themselves that are absolutely genius.

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