Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy (Game, Review): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection brings together six classic titles in one game: Mega Man Zero 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent. In addition to the original games, this package includes an artwork gallery, music player, special filters, and much more. Casual Scenario Mode and a Save-Assist feature are available for those who would like to enjoy the story at their own pace. Players can also try their hand at the new leaderboard-based Z Chaser Mode, an exclusive new mode created just for this set of games. 

Game: Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Developer: Capcom

Genre(s): Miscellaneous, Compilation

Rating: T

Tipstor® Pick


Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is everything that you could’ve hoped it to be. This is ultimately six great Mega Man games presented to you with a slew of customizable features, extra content, and quality of life updates. If you’re a fan of either Mega Man or sidescrolling action games in general, you owe it to yourself to give this release a go and see what all the fuss is about. These are hard and occasionally frustrating games, but they offer up some rewarding, action-heavy gameplay that even today stands among the best of its class. Don’t pass this one up.


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