Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sports Illustrated Studios Bringing Magazine to TV, Film

Sports Illustrated is branching out into movies and television.

Authentic Brands Group and 101 Studios announced on Tuesday that they will launch Sports Illustrated Studios as part of a joint venture between the two companies.

The studio’s first project will be a docu-series entitled “Covers.” It will explore the stories behind the magazine’s most memorable covers and what went into creating them. The project’s release date as well as five additional projects are expected to be announced over the next four weeks.

Authentic Brands Group — which also holds the licensing and trademark rights to celebrities such as Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley — acquired the licensing and marketing rights to Sports Illustrated last May from the Meredith Corporation. 101 Studios is best known for producing “Yellowstone” on the Paramount Network, which stars Kevin Costner, as well as recent films like “The Current War: Director’s Cut” and “Burden.”

The launch comes amid a global shutdown of most sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hungry for alternatives, broadcasters have been serving up reruns of classic games and other content, like ESPN’s hit Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance.” ESPN created its own films unit in 2008 and has produced over 100 documentaries with many part of the “30 For 30” brand.

Glasser said representatives from 101 Studios have been meeting with SI writers to get ideas for documentaries and shows they would like to see produced. He added that the magazine’s more than 60-year history of sports coverage lends itself to creating different types of content being produced.

Since buying Sports Illustrated, ABG has licensed the publishing rights to Maven Media. The magazine has gone from being a weekly publication three years ago to monthly. The last eight months have seen multiple rounds of layoffs and Maven has tried building the brand digitally with team sites run by contract employees.

While Salter acknowledged the past year has been a roller coaster at times, he points to digital growth from 10 million to 34 million page views monthly as well as increases in profitability.

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