Sunday, May 3, 2020

Toy Companies Are Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Taking a toy out of the box can make a mess. Hardly eco-friendly, the process can yield more clutter from plastic and cardboard than the actual toy. But there are moves to change that as some toy manufacturers say they’re going green with a series of environmentally friendly initiatives.

These initiatives range from using minimal packaging and recycled packing materials to opting for bio-based plastics rather than their petroleum counterpart. Some have even made the formerly discarded box part of the play experience.

MGA Entertainment unveiled a biodegradable ball as part of its L.O.L Surprise! Doll line. MGA also unveiled a new product line from Little Tikes made from a blend of recycled resins.

Mattel — the maker of Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price — is touting several of its product lines as sustainable, including the popular Mega Bloks Woodland Friends as well as the traditional Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack. All of these products are currently in stores. Mattel has also reduced packing waste by using 93% recycled materials.

Mattel is making positive commitments when it comes to materials used in manufacturing and reducing packaging. Hasbro and Lego for making strides when it comes to reducing packaging and using safer materials. But says the toy industry as a whole has much more work to do and while manufacturers are introducing eco-friendly initiatives, it’s hard to verify their sustainability claims.

Educational Insights has focused on educational toys for young children for more than 50 years. For their Design and Drill: Bolt Buddies Pick-It-Up Truck they’ve made the packaging part of the play experience.

Another company, the Netherlands-based Safari Ltd., offers the BioBuddi line of toy blocks, much like Lego and Mega Bloks, that uses sugar cane in the manufacturing process. The company states their mandate is to reduce carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, while at the same time setting an example for its young consumers.

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