Saturday, June 27, 2020

John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid (Stand-Up): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: In his new stand-up special John Mulaney regales a sold out audience at the Chicago Theater with stories about his take on being a newlywed, working as a temp, house shopping with realtors, being an altar boy, and the night he met Bill Clinton. John Mulaney relays stories from his childhood and “SNL,” eviscerates the value of college and laments getting older in this electric comedy special.

Show: John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid


John Mulaney is truly a renaissance man. He is devoted to his craft, and is nothing short of perfect. This comedy special truly represents the human race as a whole. When humans die out and aliens learn about us they will only reference this piece of art. I think everyone should watch this at least once in their lives so they can truly understand the meaning of life.


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