Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Top 5 Shows Just as Crazy as “Tiger King” to Binge

If you’re ready to dive into more outside-the-box true-crime documentaries, here are seven recommendations to blow your mind.

1. Grizzly Man

Where to Watch: Tubi, Vudu 

Before there was Tiger King, there was Grizzly Man. Werner Herzog’s 2005 documentary told the story of Timothy Treadwell, who shares a lot in common with Joe Exotic. He has bleached hair, he devoted his life to animals, and he was — and I’m putting this lightly — an interesting character. But if the animal cruelty that lurked beneath the surface of Tiger King was too much for you, you’ll be much happier with Grizzly Man‘s more eco-friendly approach as Treadwell lived with bears in the wild (and fortunately took hundreds of hours of footage while he was there). There’s no gross profit, no cages, and no sketchy side characters in Grizzly Man, just the portrait of a passionate and eccentric man who never knew the boundaries of nature until it was too late.

2. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Where to Watch: Netflix

It’s no spoiler to say that Fyre Fest does not turn out well. You know from the start that this faux-luxury, ineptly-planned tropical bacchanal is doomed, and there’s nothing quite like a front-row seat to an epic trainwreck. But nothing can prepare you for the absolute insanity at every level, from the brazen con artistry of the founders, to the farcical circus of social media influencers, to the cult psychology of delusional festival workers. And after one staffer steps up to “take one for the team,” you’ll be so intoxicated by the madness, you’ll be ready to watch the other nearly-as-good Fyre Fest doc on Hulu.

3. Tickled

Where to Watch: Hulu

Don’t let anybody spoil Tickled for you. Here’s all you need to know: a TV reporter in New Zealand stumbles across something weird on the internet (as one does) and decides to do a fun news segment on the event called “competitive endurance tickling.” His investigation quickly leads him down an increasingly dark and disturbing rabbit hole — and we’ll have to leave it at that. Trust us, the less you know going in the better. You may pity the Tiger King, but you’ll fear the Tickle King.

4. Three Identical Strangers

Where to Watch: Hulu

Three Identical Strangers is another doc where the less you know going in the better. A college freshman arrives on campus and unexpectedly meets his mirror image: an identical brother he never knew existed, separated at birth. Soon a third comes out of the woodwork, and the three identical triplets become inseparable best friends. It’s the textbook nature-nurture dichotomy; despite vastly different families and backgrounds, the boys all share shockingly consistent personalities and mannerisms as they begin to forge their own family in adulthood. But we’ve almost said too much already. The film’s sharp left turn into a wholly bizarre and unexpected story will hurt your brain in the best possible way.

5. McMillions

Where to Watch: HBO Now, HBO Go, YouTubeTV

The long-running McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes game promised that anybody could order a Big Mac and become a millionaire. In truth, a massive crime ring had the entire game rigged in one of the most unbelievable fraud schemes of all time. Sure, it’s interesting learning how the criminals created the plan in the first place, how they looped so many people into the scam, and how they got away with it for so long. But the real kick is the FBI Agent at the center of the investigation, Doug Matthews, a junior desk agent who longs for something more glamorous than yet another white-collar crime. Although having zero training in undercover fieldwork, Matthews carpe‘s the diem to live out his fantasies of being an awesome spy, masterminding cockamamie undercover schemes more befitting Mission Impossible than McDonald’s.

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