Thursday, July 16, 2020

Archer (TV Show): Tipstor? Pick

Summary:?The animated comedy from the same people who brought you Adult Swim introduces Sterling Archer, a spy for ISIS, whose boss is also his mother and his ex-girlfriend is a fellow spy.

Starring: Aisha Tyler,?Jessica Walter,?Chris Parnell

Show: Archer

Channel: Amazon Prime, Hulu, FX

Creator: Adam Reed

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Action


Archer is the rare show that’s in love with its own wordplay and good enough that this love becomes endearing rather than annoying. This wittily raunchy spy spoof from Adam Reed features intentionally stiff cartoon characters led by the title hero. With its demented story lines, idiotic characters, out-of-control banter and fantastic send-ups of a spy genre that had seemingly been overspoofed already, Archer is destined to put another feather in the cap of FX.


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