Monday, July 20, 2020

Good Will Hunting (Soundtrack): Tipstor® Pick

Summary: The soundtrack to Good Will Hunting doesn’t strive for fake urban cool; this film about white, working-class Bostonians gets a mostly white, working-class sound. The soundtrack effectively mirrors the half-filled desires and lives that the film capitalizes on: restlessness, ennui, doubt, and unrequited love rule here. Elliot Smith contributes the most, and the best, songs, beautiful weepers that outshine Danny Elfman’s somber original score, which makes only a few appearances.

Album: Good Will Hunting

Artist: Danny Elfman

Label: Capital Records


Alongside a wintry score by Danny Elfman, Smith contributed several lovely tracks from his album Either/Or and also wrote an original one: Miss Misery, a husky, farsighted waltz that casts bittersweet echoes down an empty highway, subtly echoing the film while adding new, universal dimensions of yearning. It almost won an Academy Award, but the prize was irrelevant; in its pristine, snowglobe capturing of a too-sensitive soul begging the world’s pardon, Miss Misery was Smith’s own perfect equation.


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